Code of conduct

Your safety is very important to us. That is why we drew up a code of conduct which applies to all the visitors of Area V. We assume that you are aware of this code of conduct and will comply with it. Please be aware that non-compliance may give rise to a sanction.


As a visitor you may be frisked and/or checked for drink, drugs and weapons possession. If you refuse to submit to this control then we may decide to deny you access to Area V.


Visitors of Area V have to be at least 18 years old. People under 18 will be denied access to Area V. If you are planning to visit Area V then don’t forget to bring your ID. We will only admit visitors with a valid ID (ID card or passport) to Area V.


Persons in possession of and/or under the influence of hard or soft drugs are not welcome and will be denied access. We do not wish to endanger the health of our visitors which is why drug use is strictly prohibited, inside and outside of our club. Area V has a zero tolerance policy and will not accept any excuses whatsoever.


Persons who commit or provoke acts of violence against other visitors, the owner or his staff shall be denied access. The same applies to individuals who are carrying weapons or dangerous objects and/or use them.


We attach a lot of importance to a well-groomed appearance. Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in but keep in mind your going to Area V. The following garments, accessories and external characteristics are deemed inappropriate, which is why they are not allowed:

  • Sports clothes such as football shirts, tracksuits
  • Clothing with text referring to an affiliation with a group
  • Dirty clothing or shoes
  • Caps

If you do not stick to this dress code then you may be denied access to Area V.


Visiting Area V should be a pleasant experience for everyone. That is why any form of racism, discrimination and intimidation is strictly prohibited at Area V. This includes: racist, fascist, sexist, offensive and discriminatory remarks, sexual harassment, annoying and aggressive behaviour, vandalism and violence. Individuals acting as if they are out to commit acts of violence shall also be denied access.


Anyone who does not respect the interior and exterior of Area V is at risk of a sanction. If you do damage the Area V property then you are responsible for repairing or renewing it.


Area V is known for its great atmosphere and we would like to keep it that way. Anyone who is excessively noisy or disrupts the atmosphere is at risk of a sanction. Individuals who have caused difficulties in the past in Area V or other hospitality establishments will not be admitted.


It is prohibited to use one cubicle with several persons.


All coats, shoulder bags and handbags, backpacks, umbrellas, helmets, and so on shall be checked in to the cloakroom or be stored in lockers. Make sure to carefully store your ticket because your coat and property cannot be returned to you without valid proof.


We use security cameras and other security equipment on the premises (both inside and outside) in various locations. As a visitor of Area V you agree to being filmed and/or photographed. When entering Area V you give us the right to use these recordings and pass them on to third parties without any restrictions. You hereby waive the right to compensation. The recordings can be shown to the police and/or third parties in case of accidents, acts of violence or emergencies.


Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area.


If you wish to take photos or make video and audio recordings in Area V then you need to request prior written consent. Without this consent you cannot take photos or make video recordings in Area V. Illegally obtained recordings or photos shall be seized.


If you wish to organise promotional activities inside or outside Area V then you need to apply for this well in advance. Without written consent you cannot organise any promotions, both indoors and outdoors. Promotional activities include distributing flyers, posters or other promotional materials.


You may only consume your drinks in Area V. You may not take drinks, glasses or bottles outside or bring them into the club.


You may not sell or trade any goods in Area V without written consent.


As a visitor you need to immediately follow the instructions from management and/or staff, in the interest of your own safety.


When leaving Area V please:

  • Do not engage in acts of vandalism
  • Do not cause noise nuisance
  • Respect order and cleanliness
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Show respect for the nearby homes and their residents


  • If you violate the code of conduct then you will be asked to leave Area V. Your entry and parking fee will not be refunded. This rule will also be enforced if you provoke a violation or encourage someone to do so. You will be temporarily banned and this ban will remain in force until the next meeting of the management team. The team will determine your sanction. If you are permanently banned then the police will be notified of this measure. If you choose to violate this ban then you will be reported. You then risk eviction by the police, legal proceedings and a permanent refusal.
  • We always report offenses to the police. We may also give them a description of the offender.
  • The management will decide which measures shall be taken as a sanction for inappropriate behaviour which is not described in this code of conduct.


At Area V we apply a maximum noise level ≤ 100 dB(A) LAeq,60min. The maximum sound level is thus less or equal to 100 dB(A) LAeq,60min. It is always measured near the mix table or another representative measurement site. The measurement and recording take place throughout the evening. This means: the electronically amplified music plus the background noise in the venue is measured and recorded. The clear visual indication of the noise level will at least be visible to the controller. Measurements can be tested against 102 dB(A) LAeq15min. We hand out free earplugs to our visitors to protect their hearing.


Area V cannot be held liable for injuries, tangible and/or intangible damage to visitors when entering. You visit Area V at your own risk. Nor can we be held responsible for damage, theft or the loss of items (or their contents) in our cloakroom. If you decide to check in your backpack or coat then please remove all valuables in advance.


You can submit any complaints in writing. Send them to Area V (Club Entertainment BVBA), Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70 in Hasselt. Do not wait too long because your right to file a complaint expires three business days after the complaint arises.